Prices And Contact Information

You can get high-quality drum tracks for an affordable price.

Every song is different, so I'll have to check it out to see what it requires before agreeing with you on the price.

A simple pop, rock, blues, country etc. song will have a  basic set price usually around $100.  I will provide unmixed drums exported to individual tracks.

For an additional cost I will mix the drums and provide you with the individual mixed drum tracks with EQ/compression/reverb etc. Usually for an extra $50


To get an idea of the difference in sound between raw and mixed tracks, check out examples by clicking on the..

Audio/Video Page


If your song is more complex it could take longer and may cost more…

I'll have to hear it to get an idea of how much additional work will be involved.


I'm located in Toronto Ontario Canada but with the power of the internet my drumming can be in your speakers in no time..

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